Welcome to the Kettle Moraine Figure Skating Club

Volunteer Information for KMFSC Members

Full and basic members of KMFSC (excluding coaches, collegiate members and adult skating members) have a total of 10 hours of volunteer service requirment (per family) during the 2019-2020 season.

 Required events are not included in volunteer hours, if your skater is skating in any of the required events. Required events are KMFSC test sessions, competition, and annual ice show. These events require you to volunteer a shift if your skater is skating.

 Volunteering at KMFSC is easy and we do what we can to create a wide variety of options, inclusive of a buy out ($250.00) & assiting on a committee. Please see the membership application for required events. This is located on the membership eentryeeze page. 

 KMFSC will analyze the required volunteer hours for the current season once membership registrations have been completed. KMFSC will not increase volunteer hours but may have to reduce hours if there are more members then hours available.

All volunteers, as required by USFSA, must complete SafeSport Training as directed by the Safe Sport Coordinator. The SafeSport Coordinator will alert you if you need to complete this information for your role.

Here are a few ideas that need volunteers to assist with throughout the year:


TestSession Committee

Marketing in the community

Turkey Twizzle Competitor Gift Bags & Signs

Decorating for the Ice Show

Sponsorship Appeal

Gift Aquirement for Ice Show

Membership Committee

Spirit Wear Co-Ordinator

Camp “Kick-Off” Coordinator


Re-Sale Apparel Leader

Camp Volunteer

End of Year Banquet


Bulletin Boards



LTS Assistance
Open House Committee at beginning of season